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About Ryan Lutz

Fort Myers | Dog Dad | Art | Music | Tech

From Hickory, NC
BA Advertising 2002 - Business / Spanish
DC 2013
#1 National Clinical Exam Scoring 2012

Background & Interests:

I have a lifetime of design experience, starting with my father who specialized in designing case goods and upholstery. As a teenager, I actively participated in the hands-on aspects of design, working with hammers, paint brushes, and fabrics. I frequently assisted in "folding fabrics" during presentations to major furniture manufacturers.

In the image above, I am at the age of 25 with the owners of Morgan Fabric Company. Following in my father's footsteps, I entered the field of selling upholstery and achieved remarkable growth, expanding my territory by 632% within 12 months. This success was driven by my commitment to research and help customers anticipate color and design trends.

Being a 4th generation electrician, I've explored various roles in construction. What I find most enjoyable is the creative process of combining materials and colors to achieve timeless results with an installation that exceeds current standards.  

American Flag Transfer Drawing Ryan Lutz
Love Red Painting Ryan Lutz Florida Artist

Art & Design

I began creating art in 2019 and use transferred photography, dyes, paints, vintage books, and fabrics. My artistic aim is to generate tension through the deliberate juxtaposition of colors and materials. View my artwork HERE .

I also run one of the top contemporary art and design websites.  I pioneered a process to rank global art and interior design fair.  Please visit to learn more. 

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Conversely, in the realm of Interiors and Home Remodels, I pursue a different approach. My goal is to craft environments that exude peace and ease. I achieve this by incorporating colors native to the subject environment, blurring the lines between exterior and interior to create a less restrictive space—particularly essential in Florida's housing environment.

Through Las-Casas, I offer sustainable remodeling services encompassing painting, new fixtures and hardware, and occasionally new cabinets. Whether you're looking to enhance your space or embark on a more comprehensive remodeling project, I can assist you.

Las Horizontal ETC

When needed, I collaborate with high-end contractors specializing in flooring,  painting, and more.  I have learned Spanish over the years and this allows me to work with some of the most skilled installers in Lee and Collier County.    I can help you brainstorm timeless results within your budget, regardless of the project's scope.

Additionally, I've developed a tile floor ReGrout process that is quick and nearly dust-free. Clients appreciate this sustainable process which gives them the ability to replace unsightly grout with new Performance Grout—100% non-porous, preventing stain absorption.

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Technology and Engineering:

The "Radioshack guy" taught me DOS programming as a child.  Today, I incorporate  technology into everything.  From researching 2024 best practices for construction or optimizing a website, Im always leaning on technology.  I approach each task with passion, humility, and a commitment to excellence.

If you need assistance, feel free to text my work phone at 561 571 23 7eight

Ryan Lutz Signature
Ryan Lutz Signature

Questions?  Call me
Bus: 561 571 237 eight