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About Ryan Lutz

Fort Myers | Dog Dad | Art | Music | Tech
From Hickory, NC
BA Advertising 2002 - Business / Spanish
Doctor Chiropractic 2013
#1 Clinical Score National Exams (2012 Atlanta)
Ryan Lutz

My Background and Interests:

I come from a background rooted in design, furniture, and building. My father managed a Broyhill furniture factory and had his own personal factory crafting minimalist casegoods such as bookends.  Later, he was a trusted consultant known for to upholstered furniture manufacturers.  On my mother's side of the family I am a 4th generation electrician.  My yteen years were spent working at design trade fairs or on construction job sites.  

I explored various roles in color and design, including sales and estimating in construction, upholstery sales and management.  I find creative and design oriented endeavors fulfilling.  Conversely I found chiropractic unfulfilling. 

I am self-taught in WordPress and SEO.  My website,, is an experiment aimed at influencing culture through search engines.  People from throughout the world utilize my resources at to learn about global art fairs.

My Artistic Journey:

My friend Lawrence Voytek (Bob Rauschenberg's fabricator) encouraged me to delve into painting as therapy.  My artistic approach combines paint with transferred photography, dyes paints, vintage books and fabrics.    I create color studies with intriguing or odd combinations.  My goal is to create a sense of tension or agitation through the juxtaposition.
View my artwork by clicking here.

Technology and Me:

The "Radioshack guy" taught me basic DOS programming and today I enjoy leveraging technology and engineering in all my projects.   Whether building a website or regrouting a floor, I have used the best technology to research, procure, and execute the project.  

Passion, humility, meticulous planning, and a commitment to execution are the key tenants I bring to every endeavor.   Humility keeps me on a quest to improve and deliver outstanding results for my partners.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything,  Ryan 

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